Awesome 9 Ball Pool Golden Break Compilation Part 1 8 Ball Pool By Ali 2018. Best 9 Ball Pool Golden Breaks All the time In 8 Ball Pool History. Almost 20 Golden Break In this Compilation Video 8 Ball Pool 2018. Very amazing compilation of 9 ball pool golden break 2018.

Hey guys! i collect some parts of 9 ball golden break from my old + new videos to make a new compilation so that you can try these breaks with different angles and spin to win in 1 shot 8 ball pool. These top 20 breaks are unbelievable golden break in 9 ball pool history because many of golden breaks are still working on new version of 8 ball pool for android as well as on iPhone or any other mobile operating system.

8 Ball Pool is a world’s popular pool game developed by miniclip. 8 ball pool by miniclip added a 9 ball pol feature last year in which you have to hit low number ball first and at the end pot the 9 ball to win the game, the most interesting thing in 9 ball pool is that you can win the game by potting 9 ball to hit low ball first thats called 9 ball golden break in 8 ball pool.

It means you can win the game in the first break if you hit the number 1 ball and then it will hit others balls and during this break if 9 ball will pot then you will win the game so called win in 1 shot, no need to pot all other balls you just need to enter 9 ball in the pocket.


Now you well understand what is golden break, So i made this video in which you will come

to know that how you can make golden break in your first break, I

managed different angles and spins with different cues including beginner cue and legendary cue. So whatever cue you have, you can find many golden break here.

This is the perfect compilation of 9 ball pool golden break 2018.






This is the part 1 of golden break compilation, after 2 days I’ll upload its 2nd part and 3rd



watch video




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