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8 Ball Pool Venice Table contain 150M coins bet which is the highest challenge table in 8 ball pool multiplayer game. Of course people were getting bore by playing Berlin. They wanted higher challenge and then Miniclip launched a new table which is Venice for 150M Coins, each player start bet of 75M coins. And hence people are enjoying the game by making unbelievable cushion trick shots on the Venice table and becoming Pro Legend. A man who is rich in 8 ball pool coins, more happy to win 150M coins.

But the problem is that Miniclip is providing only 3 day free trial to play in the Venice Table. After the trial you have to spend money to purchase that table at high rate. So, everyone can’t buy the weekly or monthly pro membership of 8 Ball Pool. Then how can they win the weekly league competition.

So, we bring the very Latest New Trick Of Free Pro Membership For 4 Days In 8 Ball Pool. Yes! you are reading the amazing news because we have the four days trick of Venice Table. You have to watch the video tutorial first so that you can understand how this venice table pro membership trick is working.

Here is the video. I suggest you that you must watch this video twice. And all the information regarding adding credit card is given below the video section.






All the apps and file and information is as fellows:

  • Download UFO VPN
  • Download Multiple Account App
  • Select Brazil Location
  • CPF tax: 133.267.246-91
  • Date of birth 12/03/1992
  • Address: Street Jeff
  • State: Bahia
  • City: Salvador
  • Postal/Zip Code: 41500290
  • Phone Numbers
  1. (71) 9838-6919
  2. (71) 3954-2948
  3. (71) 7940-4260
  4. (71) 6731-5373
  • You can use any phone number.
  • Add Card Number:you can use any card. if one is not working then use another. First 16 digits are card number then month, then year then CVC.
  1. 376532311837528|06|2021|3260
  2. 376532166181626|04|2024|3457
  3. 376532403755273|08|2021|8505
  4. 376532115433763|12|2021|6406
  5. 376532885002343|12|2023|2108
  6. 376532340826575|03|2024|6624
  7. 376532238802472|09|2024|7078
  8. 376532633354145|08|2023|5619
  9. 376532347254045|08|2024|1260
  10. 376532612523207|01|2025|3843
  11. 376532538378488|02|2023|7376
  12. 376532773412158|06|2025|7556
  13. 376532828028165|07|2023|3440
  14. 376532246034803|02|2025|6304
  15. 376532481558367|02|2025|1514
  16. 376532233125366|05|2022|8890
  17. 376532513511871|10|2023|6049
  18. 376532586257303|10|2025|1351
  19. 376532844233047|02|2024|4155
  20. 376532723238547|02|2022|4388

ENJOY the trick if you have any issue in adding card or buying Venice table then ask your question by commenting below.

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