Download 90FPS File For PUBG MOBILE

Download 90FPS File For PUBG MOBILE. PUBG MOBILE is a very famous video game being played around the world and every player wants to get winner winner chicken dinner but to win the game it’s not easy because there must be some conditions to fulfill and these are:

  1. You must have a good device (60fps – 90fps supported)
  2. You must have a good internet connection
  3. You must be a good Player
90fps pubg mobile screnshot

So, we can fix 1st problem for you because here you can download 90fps file for PUBG MOBILE game on any Android mobile. However, you can use it for iPhone but we don’t think iPhone users need this 90fps file because they have already 60fps.

Hello Players! your worries are no more with you, just make a smile because your desire is very near to you that means your device is getting a 90fps frame rate to play PUBG MOBILE smoothly and one more good news is that you can set your graphics up to ULTRA HD.

By the way, after downloading the PUBG MOBILE 90fps file you will be able to get the frame rates according to this sequence: LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH-ULTRA-EXTREME-90 FPS. You can choose any of the above frame rates which support your device best. Keep in view that reduces the frame rate of PUBG MOBILE if your mobile becomes too hot, the game becomes choppy, or the battery is low. Similarly, when you download 90FPS File For PUBG MOBILE your mobile game graphics become SMOOTH-BALANCED-HD-HDR-ULTRA HD-UHD. You can select any of the graphics settings and reduce the graphics to smooth if your android mobile becomes hot, the game becomes choppy, or the battery is low.

To Download the 90FPS File For PUBG MOBILE, just click on the below button. Before downloading the PUBG MOBILE 90FPS File, first, watch the video below so that you can learn how to download and extract the 90fps file because it is very simple but maybe complex if you don’t follow the steps explained in the video. After downloading follow the below steps:

  • Extract file
  • Copy the “config” file where you extracted the 90fps file
  • Go to file manager and open phone/internal storage
  • Open Android Folder
  • Open data folder
  • Open com.tencent.ig folder
  • Open files folder
  • Open UE4Game folder
  • Open ShadowTrackerExtra folder
  • Again open another ShadowTracterExtra folder
  • Paste the “config” file here
  • Open the PUBG MOBILE Game and boom your device supported 90fps now – Stay HAPPY.

Just click on the above Download button to get the file of 90fps for PUBG MOBILE game. If you face any problem while downloading or extracting the PUBG MOBILE 90fps zip file, then comment on this post or comment on YOUTUBE VIDEO.


If you are not able to find the relevant folders/files on your mobile then connect it to your PC via cable and then do the all settings as described above.


60 FPS File For PUBG Mobile
yes, if you want to not use 90fps or are unable to load 90fps file then you can use 60fps file for pubg mobile, as it is also safe and sound to use. For download 60 fps (extreme) frame rate the click on the below button to download 60 fps file for pubg mobile




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