The M762’s Most Useful Accessories For PUBG Game. here comes, why legends love the M762 Riffle while playing the PUBG Mobile Game. As one of the best-known firearms of PUBG mobile, the M762 is loved by the masters for its speed and damage, but do you know what are the M762’s best accessories? Ok read the below lines:

Here is Equipped M762’s Best Combination of Accessories:


And the Best Accessories of M762’s are as follows:

  • Compensator
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Quickdraw Extended Magazine
  • Holographic Sight


The above image shows the M762’s best accessories strafing trajectory. Since the recoil of the M762 is higher than that of the AKM, it is necessary to make up for its shortcomings in accessories selection. These are the M762’s most useful accessories for pubg mobile.


The above figure is a comparison of the red dot sight and the holographic pressure gun trajectory effect. In contrast to the red dot sight, the holographic sight is more effective at suppressing the jitter during firing, combining the compensator and the vertical foregrip can keep our trajectory and gun line in a relatively balanced position.


Since the first 23 rounds of the M762 don’t wobble badly from left to right, it is recommended to use a vertical foregrip to reduce the vertical recoil and make it easier for us to control the gun.


Compensation can effectively reduce the powerful recoil of the M762. When combined with the vertical foregrip, recoil is significantly reduced and the gun line can also be stabilized close range. 

Here are two main tips for using the M762, when we attack an enemy, we’d better take in the gun after about 20 rounds and start shooting again because it has two benefits:

1: Because the bullets after 23 rounds shake badly from side to side, it is difficult to stabilize even accessories, but the bullets before 23 rounds are very easy to control.

2: If we attack the enemy in the same position for a long time we are more likely to be targeted by the enemy to shoot the head. If we fire 20 rounds quickly and then withdraw the gun, we can reduce the risk of being shot in the head.


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