8 Ball Pool 5 Cash Legendary Box Trick On Version 4.3.1 Level 6 MOD. New 8 Ball Pool MOD to get 5 cash legendary box offer again and again. As you know earlier this trick is working on 4.1.0 then 4.2.0, all are patched. But the happy news is that we found a way to get 5 cash legendary box on the latest version 4.3.1 Level 6 MOD.

Yes! it’s true 8 ball pool 5 cash legendary box trick is working on new version 4.3.1 with level 6 mod. We think you know the further procedure that how to do next if you have the following apps and files. You need to download virtual backup app, multiple account app, es file explorer app, 8 ball pool level 6 mod, 5 cash backup file data and ZArchiver app if needed.

First of all, you must should watch the below video tutorial about the trick of 5 cash legendary box 8 ball pool that how you can do it easily. Although we also write some steps here further more.

  1. Download all apps and files on your android mobile.
  2. Open the multiple account app and add virtual backup and 8 ball pool mod 6 there.
  3. open 8 ball pool level 6 mod, sign in play as guest and logout.
  4. open virtual backup and tap on BACKUP option, wait there until backup ended.
  5. Open es file explorer and extract the 5 cash backup data. Open the extracted folder and copy all the folders under main folder, come back to home and find the virtual backup folder at the bottom. Open that folder and delete all folders there and paste the files you copied.
  6. open the level mod and login your account in which you want to get 8 ball pool 5 cash legendary box offer.
  7. If you get starter pack offer then go to mobile settings and change the current date to forward two days ahead. Again open your game and here you go, 5 cash legendary box in your account.
  8. now how to get the 5 cash offer again and again. Here you have to do some quick tasks that when you are doing to tap on 5 cash then immediately press the mobile home button just after releasing finger on 5 cash and close the game from recent tabs and then open the game from multiple account app again. This way you will get the 5 cash legendary box offer in your account again and again.

So, download all the below apps and files and follow the above steps. Also all the steps are visual-able in the video tutorial below. Follow the video and comment when you done it.






watch the video below for better understanding that how you can get the offer of 8 ball pool 5 cash box.



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